From Cute Baby to Rogue Teen – The Transition In Fashion Style

Most parents do not realize it, but the process of becoming a rebellious teenager begins somewhere shortly after the first few months of life. Babies are told that “this is how you act, this is how you dress, and this is who you are,” through the actions of the parents. The parent that is armed with the proper knowledge however, can nip this in the bud early on.

Consider your own teenage years. You were rebellious, wanting to be anything but what your parents wished you to be, simply because they had spent their life telling you how to dress, what to watch on TV, and all the other “tough love” that they had exhibited. Do you recall how you rebelled? Nine times out of ten the most utilized act of rebellion was the physical appearance. It showed through mostly in the manner in which you dressed. They wanted you to dress all preppy and ‘socially acceptable,’ so in response you wore the generational clothes, in most cases of parent today, that would have been the pop culture punk rock style of dress.

To keep your child from rebelling and doing irreparable damage to your future relationship, start him or her off early in the same style of clothing that you wore back when you were a teen. You remember, the black t-shirts with such pop culture punk rock bands as the Deftones, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, the Ramones, and Green Day. This will have one of two effects. First, your child will not feel held back and will grow into his teenage years without feeling the need to rebel, or secondly he/she will rebel by wearing nicer clothing. Either way, in the end, you, the parent, are the winner. Just don’t ever tell your children that!

Abatement; Comprehensive and Non-Linear Strategies Needed

When considering abatement strategies to remove bio-toxins, bio contaminants, insects, noxious weeds or pollution it is necessary to have a very comprehensive and non-linear set of protocols and procedures to prevent the further harming of the local ecosystem and environment.

If we fail to look at the bigger picture we get into trouble and invariably end up verbally character assassinating some chemical corporation who made the abatement product or chemical when in actuality the chemical solves the problem but when it is mixed wrong or used wrong or concentrated too much and sprayed too close to streams, water supplies or in high winds the issues arise.

Additionally we need to stop blaming chemical companies and start considering which chemicals to use in what amounts to solve the problem over time rather than nuking the area so to speak with insane protocols and mixed matched procedures which some might even consider foolish.

You see the abatement procedures need decision matrixes, which consider all aspects of the problem and the solution as well as ERSI 4D software with supercomputing capabilities to insure things are done correctly. We must have a more comprehensive and Non-Linear Strategy in abatement of those things, which may harm the American People, their environment or bodies. Consider this in 2006.

David Relying on the Lord’s Lovingkindness and to His Children – Supplying What is Needed Daily

Show Your marvelous lovingkindness . . . Oh, continue Your lovingkindness to those who know You . . . Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You . . .. Cause me to hear your lovingkindness in the morning, For in You do I trust. (Psalm 17:7; Psalm 36:10; Psalm 63:3; and Psalm 143:8)

There are many reasons why David is a wonderful Old Testament example of God’s people living by His grace. We can see that David confessed the Lord as his strength and his refuge. “The LORD is the strength of my life . . . God is a refuge for us” (Psalm 27:1 and Psalm 62:8). In our present verses we see David relying upon the Lord’s lovingkindness.

Lovingkindness is an Old Testament term that is closely related to the New Testament term, grace. It speaks of God’s zealous, loyal, steadfast love toward His people. It includes the truth that God is merciful (that is, He provides a way to hold back from us the judgment that our sins deserve). Yet, it goes beyond that wonderful fact. Lovingkindness also includes God’s goodness (that is, His commitment to do good things for His children day by day, supplying whatever is needed in our lives).

Much insight into this word (and appreciation for it) is found in David’s frequent reference to it and reliance upon it. “Show Your marvelous lovingkindness.” David had a deep desire that the Lord would demonstrate the wondrous reality of His lovingkindness through his daily walk. He knew that the Lord’s lovingkindness was what actually made life what God intended it to be. “Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You.” David praised God for His faithful goodness toward him, which was far better and far beyond, merely enjoying the natural things that life offers to all who exist. The Lord is good to all who live on this earth. “He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew5:45). However, His lovingkindness is shown to those who have a true relationship with Him by faith. David wanted this goodness to be his ongoing supply. “Oh, continue Your lovingkindness to those who know You.”

David sought the Lord for the work of His lovingkindness, from morning time on through the day. “Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, For in You do I trust.” As the Lord poured out His loyal, steadfast love, David gave glory to the Lord among His people. “I have not concealed Your lovingkindness . . . from the great congregation” (Psalm 40:10).


Dear Lord of lovingkindness, I thank You for Your loyal, steadfast love toward me through the years. You have had mercy upon me. You have shown great goodness toward me. Help me to point others to Your marvelous lovingkindness, in Jesus’ name Amen.

Bridezilla Needs a Breakthrough

Bridezilla, I’m proud of you

You’re getting married to

A wonderful, gentleman

Now you’re in preparation

To betroth a husband

However beforehand

You’ve got to stand

Get yourself together

Endure the weather

And emotional storms

Which have worn

Made you forlorn

Led you to scorn

Wearied and torn

Terrorized and born

In you a nervousness

Unmanageable restlessness

Now girl get a grip!

Harness and stop with it

Everybody is tired of it

You say, “Huh, what?”

A perpetual pain in the butt

Overwhelmed in a rut

Acting like a deranged nut

A lunatic at a mental asylum

In sinking sand drowning

Continually fretting and crying

Flailing in the ferocious sea

Of premarital planning

Complaining and damning

Anything and anyone

That stands in your way

Girl, we’re not the enemy

We are your beloved friends

Enduring you to our wits end

But you are unruly and tend

To criticize and not appreciate

How much must we demonstrate

Our unconditional support

And undying love toward you

What more can we do?

Now it is time for you

To get on your feet

Harness your soul

Get settled, be complete

Stop trying to compete

Outdo and proudly beat

All the rest of the peacocks

Shaking their proud buttocks

Primping like vain goldilocks

Incessantly combing their hair

Demoralized by every care

Not treating people fair

Bulldozing and belittling

Those who fluster and scare

Counsel, confront, and dare

To put your head in check

Your self-absorbed ways

Make many want to defect

Do away with your drama

The damsel in distress

Has disgusted many

Irritated us continually

Disrespected us excessively

Now we say to thee

Oh precious princess

Give us a break

Lest we breakout

Leave you to thyself

All alone with nobody else

Bridezilla needs a breakthrough

Graciously move on through

What you’re going through

Change your perception

Alter your perspective

Transform your person

Revolutionize your planet

Stop poisoning and polluting

Disregarding and purporting

Ignorantly and irreverently resorting

To minuscule manipulating measures

To cleverly get your own way

Speak down degradingly

Devaluing day by day

Young lady, life is not

All about me, myself, and I

Before you have a meltdown

Why not pray and at least try

To uphold and rightfully honor

Your bridesmaids and mother

Who bend over backwards

To befriend, help, and assist you

Because with your vile attitude

We are undoubtedly nearly through

Bridezilla, get a personal breakthrough

Before we say no more and leave you.

Fashion Styles For Tall Women

There are many different types of tall women, long legged, long bodied, slim, hourglass; and it’s important to work out what your specific shape is – if you don’t already know. Often tall women get labelled as one particular category, which can be frustrating and very confusing when it comes to creating a wardrobe.

Keep these simple rules in mind:
– create layers to help balance your figure, for example, if you have a smaller bust, adding ruffle details and higher necklines will keep you in proportion, or if you have an undefined waist pop on a layered high waisted skirt and a belt to cinch you in and mimic curves
– long bodies require shorter top lines and higher waist lines, long legs need longer top lines and lower waist lines; so if you have a longer body than legs, invest in 50s style dresses and styles, but longer legs can layer long tops over jeans for a trendy day look
– the larger your bones, the bigger your jewellery; look at pictures of yourself in different kinds of jewellery, dainty and chunky, and decide which makes you look more in proportion, as well as which makes you look more like ‘you’
– tall women are really the only ones who can pull off couture looks and extraordinary shapes – oversized clothing looks awesome on taller ladies, as do short haircuts, bold stripe prints, printed tights, rompers/playsuits

Not only should you take your shape into consideration, but you ought to develop your own individual clothing style and taste – whether that’s a slightly androgynous, boyish look or a super sexy Amazonian style.

Essential items for any tall woman’s wardrobe:
– skinny, straight leg or slim boot cut jeans – a good fitting pair of jeans is a casual day staple, you can pair them with anything, and inject your own style personality when choosing them too
– well fitted jacket or coat – one of the secrets of the stars is a good fitting coat, no matter what shape
– waist belt – this is essential for helping define your shape, and adding curves to a tall frame
– scarves – any kind of scarves will do, but for those with a small chest, this is the best accessory to own for quickly adding a touch of glamour and making you look in proportion
– dresses – any girls best friend is a beautiful dress, but tall girls require several of these in their wardrobes to help them look feminine and flirty – there are several style which look great, try on all sorts to find one that really looks great on your particular body, halter, tshirt, oversized, fitted, bodycon, maxi, a-line, princess cut…
– flats – pretty and comfortable ballerinas are the most important addition to your closet, as they will be perfect for everyday wear and will go with anything if you have them in a few different colours.

Check out photos of these female celebrities over 5’10” for inspiration and ideas:
Blake Lively, Sophie Dahl, Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler, Jodie Kidd, Elle Macpherson, Mandy Moore, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Queen Latifah, Elizabeth Jagger, Joss Stone, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, Famke Janssen, Taylor Swift, Uma Thurman, Geena Davis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Julia Child, Princess Diana, Erin O’Connor